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For Psychologists: A bundle of 12 letter templates to help increase your Medicare compliance in your communications with referrers. Reporting compliance is imperative for Psychologists who accept referrals under Medicare mental health initiatives. Reporting compliance ensures clarity of communication with referrers and increases your likelihood of passing a Medicare audit.

Each template has an explanation of how it can and should be used within your practice. Templates are in PDF form and you can use the content for your own individual practice.

Please note, templates are for use in YOUR practice and with your clients/referrers only. Under intellectual property laws, these templates are not to be shared with anyone else outside of that described above, whether for personal or commercial use.

Solostart Medicare Compliance Bundle for Psychologists


Better Access Documentation:

-Six session report

-Ten session report

-Group Treatment Summary Report

-Case Conference Record Template

Eating Disorders Management Plan Documentation:

-Ten session review report

-Twenty session review report

-Thirty session review report

-Fourty session review report

Team Care Arrangements:

-Initial report (session 1)

-Final report

General Documentation

- Acceptance of referral/commencement of treatment letter

- Closure/conclusion of treatment letter

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